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  • Hyouten

    Ahhh this wiki

    August 20, 2011 by Hyouten

    So ML and I have been talking about how nobody uses these anymore... maybe if we add something we can gradually get people to use this again?

    Over the next few days/weeks/years/etc, I will try to add/…

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  • Mindlesssage

    Guys, we need to make this wiki work again.. :S we have put sum effort to start this.. we need to have dedication to make this wiki work or all things done will be non-updated :~(


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  • Mindlesssage

    Ahoy all!

    Srry to take so much time to update the wiki. Been busy in RL as well as game (we blockade alot since me work in this wiki.)

    Also, since wikia had changed formats in our CSS.... it takes awhi…

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Notorious History

Notorious was founded on November 30, 2005 by Oldhairless and was one of the only examples of a dual-monarch flag, with Saluteme and Oldhairless trading places once or twice yearly until Saluteme 's departure. Notorious was one of the principle members of the defunct RAN alliance and the JoKE alliance group.

On January 23, 2006, the flag purchased the Isle of Kent from Go with the Flow and held it for a little over a year until Kent V. Notorious has been involved in almost every blockade at the Isle of Kent.

For Notorious' second birthday, they enlisted ScaryMuffin's help and had a series of successful birthday events.

During "'Choose your own Island' Opening - starting May 5th, 2006" event, Notorious temporarily joined a group called Sage Needs a Large, or SNL for short, of which consisted many different flags aiming for a large island opening on Sage.

Sadly, on June 24th, 2008, Saluteme , Queen of Notorious and Captain of Swashbucklers of Sage, left Notorious and found a new home in Musketeers of Sage. Oldhairless took over monarchy ship once again, while Saluteme left Ruminor in charge of Swashbucklers of Sage. After a time Oldhairless passed the crown on to Ruminor, who was monarch of the flag until the new Notorious come back to life.

On Aug 3rd, 2010, Ruminor , Hiba and Mindless decided to retake the challenge of making the new Notorious, forming the royalty of the new flag as well as crowning Hiba as the new era monarch of Notorious.

Notorious Public Statement

We are Notorious! We are a flag dedicated to hardworking organized crews, who have a love for pillaging.

We will take part in Blockades for the sheer joy of shooting stuff... and will consider alliances with those who wish long lasting and trusted friendships.

If you would like us to consider the possibility of joining Flag or for the Flag to consider an Alliance with you contact any of the royals. We will not accept random Alliance Proposals.

We do not condone spying, or mistreatment of anyone. All are deserving of respect.

We love PVP and are happy to PVP all comers... friendly PVP contests with our allies too!

Blockades History (Conquering of Sage)

Have ye heard the canon shots last night?! Avast! We strike n make them gulp gulp before it is too late.

Featured Pirate - Sep 2010


Lilacpearlz's Return

Lilacpearlz is an Officer of the crew Mysterious Ways on the Sage Ocean. She discovered that her previous name was still available after her account vanished and came back as the new Lilacpearlz, this time playing on Sage. She started out as an independent pirate (like everyone else) and practised all the ship duty puzzles and multiplayer games she could get her hands on, recalling all these puzzles from the past. She jobbed for many crews to earn poe and build her pirate career, when one day she found herself jobbing for the crew Mysterious Ways. And so Lilacpearlz decided - "This is the crew for me."

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Notorious Motto

veni vidi vici - we came, we saw, we conquer! ~ML

There are currently 4 active crews under Notorious flag:

Notorious Royals & Titles

Wanna know who are behind the scene puppeting the grunts of Notorious? The Patron, Explorer, Conquistor and Magnate of the Adam's family!
Royals (Prince & Princess)
Titles (Lords & Ladies)

Notorious Pirates

There are currently 4 active crews under Notorious flag:

Notorious Hall of Fame

This section is dedicated to Notorious pirates whose outstanding performance had earned them a special recommendations and appreciations from the Notorious family. Ye will always be remembered. Me salute ye! Yarr! In no particular order of appreciations and level of contributions, they are:
Saluteme Oldhairless Hippo
Blackbone Daviro Kapytanhook
Reggie Lofwyer Juls



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